Migration Survey


RIDO conducted a Survey on Rural Migration during 1993 supported by OXFAM India. Migration has become a world-wide phenomenon in recent years. Millions of people all over the world move from their places to look for their better future development. Migration has played an important role in developing the society.

Dharmapuri District has undergone considerable impact because of migration. The influence of migration on the size and character of population is a subject of study which is of particular importance in understating the Socio-Demographic situation.

The study pattern of migration was on an intensive basis so as to understand the magnitude and severity of the problem of migration. The total geographical area of the district was 9330 Km consisting of 18 Development Blocks. One third of the total area is covered by forest.

The rainfall in this region is very poor and annually calculated about 560 MM. The District is one of the most backward districts in India. The district is poorly endured in term of soil type, rainfall, irrigation and cropping pattern. Therefore RIDO has conducted a survey on migration to find out the method, pattern and the system of Migration – Migration Study Material is available at RIDO.

The technical support was given by NIMHANS – Bengaloru and the final write up was done by the members from Dr. Malcham Adhiseshaiah’s Institution, Chennai.